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INITONIT #16 Jan 04 ***
The last time I read a copy of this barrel of laughs was back in 1997 and it didn't impress me much. So when I recently got a tiny flyer through the post advertising this issue I thought I'd be a responsible chap and check it out just to see if 7 years had improved it's minimalism. Well it's still beavering away from the wilds of Lincolnshire, UK which deserves recognition for stubbornness alone. The Times New Roman type face has been reduced significantly, giving us a more chunkier read for our money and he's actually discovered staples too!!! But I'm afraid that was it basically. Initonit ain't gonna win a safety-pin award for presentation or alluring merit, that's for sure, not that Paul would care he's too busy punching holes in walls or sharpening his cleaver! The varied bands in this issue are it's main selling point...we get Birmingham's Drongos, Scotland's Swellbellys, Derby's Poundaflesh and lastly Send More Paramedics from Leeds. So if any of them are your thing you'll be sufficiently satisfied. This 24 page read still suffers dramatically from a very lazy layout, but what grates even more is Paul's hysterical PC attitude. This geezer typifies the crusty PC punk ethic in all it's acned ways and right on dogma. Everyone's a nazi who don't smoke weed, ain't vegan or don't particularly care for Osama Bin Laden. However if you like a dose of hardcore Porn like our editor, he'll show leniency. Fer fucks sake! We've all got axes to grind, but I seriously think our Lincolnshire saboteur has one for each day of the week depending on his dope intake. And he could be highly lethal with a gun in his hand in the local village street one of these days. He does however make some valid points if you can look past the glint of his blade. His rants on Factory Farming, Working overtime and Geeko bollocks were on the ball. Plus there's an interesting Gathering of The Thousands gig review, amongst a load of like minded zine and record reviews.This zine will definitely put a smile on your boatrace for all the wrong reasons or bury a hatchet deep in yer head with it's anger management...it just ain't delivered with the same effect. 50p plus A5 SAE from Paul, The Flat, 56a Upgate, Louth, Lincs, LN11 9JN, UK
ANARCHOI #7 X-mas 03 ***
Trev Hagl put me onto this one from Scotland, and it does show promise but is way off the quality control of some of it's larger sized rivals like 4.M.W. or Artcore. First thing you notice is the top notch print job on glossy paper that gives Anarchoi a first class impression. It reminds me of the short lived Destroy zine outta Bristol. However first impressions can be misleading coz when you get inside you realise by page 1 that there's something drastically wrong. Either the editors typewriters missing a few vital keys or he's been on the crack while typing it up...Well you tell me? Seems a waste he's gone to so much trouble on visuals and presentation for it to be sabotaged by basic and numerous typing errors. The big A4 layout really does leave some massive gaping holes that are screaming out to be filled even with the BOLD large print. The cut 'n' paste looks good but you'll zip through this zine in one short sitting on the bog. You get the feeling Jamesy ain't really got enough ammo in his sporran to fill this outsized zine sufficiently. Maybe A5 would've been a wiser move. I dunno if he's paying for the expensive print job bill by advertising, coz this is fucking chocka full of ads but they seem more like handy space fillers? Well enough critique onto the main course. We get some fast but good spot checks on the Lurkers, the Disruptors, Drongos For Europe, Abusive Youth and fellow Celts Intimidation Records. The reviews seem on the ball and come strangely without any spelling mistakes, thus confirming our editor must be on something! Ha! It'll be interesting to see how this develops once Trev Hagl has jumped on board coz we know he's got plenty to say so next issue should see a dramatic improvement in reading matter and scandal. One to look out for I reckon.  £1.00 from 3 Hazel Grove, Kilwinning, Ayshire, KA13 7JH, Scotland.

SMALL SAILOR #11 Feb. 2004 ****
It's always good to get an issue of Thirsk's Small Sailor, as they never deliver the expected production line ratio of pop punk/street punk bands like so many other zines out there today. They go for a bit of diversity in the lunatics they feature which is always a strong pulling point. This issue sees our dingy editors jettison the regulation cut 'n' paste or die delivery which they had become seasoned masters at, for a more formal looking desktop layout. And it still works, despite being less congested. There's a good interview with UK Horror film director Alex Chandon, whose biggest claim to fame is a Cradle Of Filth video. He sounds like he's just signed himself out the local ghorehouse without taking his medication, but it's a good insight into how low budget filming is achieved. Alex also gives us an intriguing 5 page rundown on the best horror flix that inspired him. Strangely no Exorcist makes the grade, but I spose were talking strictly gore hounds here. Next up is Welly from Artcore zine/4 Letter Word fame. This Welsh motor mouth could talk for England if he was English, thankfully he ain't. He's always got something interesting to say and gives us an insight into his bands fallout with BYO Records, who sound like they dropped their bottle over some pop band who apparently have the same name as our Welsh boyo's. Also in a supporting cast of interviewees are short pieces with the Smelly Mob UK punk promoters and young Scotch punksters TearJerk. Lastly a couple of E-ziners Random Damage & Nihilism On The Prowl! (booo hissss!!!) make up the numbers by telling us what makes E-zines tick. There's a hold full of reviews from the current punk world and print scene, which thankfully don't pander to freebies. Plus some interesting articles on Comics, drinking Water and a scary one on Cancer. You can check out more on the Small Sailors voyages in print via this link http://www.runningriotrecords.co.uk/smallsailor/  or go the tried 'n' tested route at Small Sailor for 50p & S.A.E. from 39 Station Road, Thirsk,North Yorkshire, YO7 1QH, England  

4MW #7
backfire vol 5 n#2
After I came face to face with my latest zine nemesis - a  Mr Paul Jellybrain, at last years Brezhnev gig. What was gonna happen? Were we gonna blank each other, have a scrap on the


Captivating and gripping account of the low life and times of punk rocks wildest and probably the most influential of the guitarslingers...Johnny Thunders. He was born to lose, but what he's left behind will seal his immortality in punk forever. From his Queens,NY birth to his New Orleans,LA death, Johnny Thunders the chord lord of New York seemed destined to slink through the dark underbelly of life. Meeting up with similar like minded lost souls along the way to create legendary and ultimately tragic outfits like the New York Dolls and The Heartbreakers. Both of whom despite not gaining the commercial success they so rightly deserved, will be revered forever more as groundbreaking outfits. If you've anything to do with punk over the last 25 years you'll have known only too well what impact this diminutive Italian had on punk. Being responsible for creating brief but epic moments of genius with his guitar will always be his trademark in the grooves forever. And while he wasn't creating those monsters on record he made a jolly good attempt at making headlines off it. Drugs, drink, death and the seedy side of rock'n'roll lifestyle were always gonna be Johnny's closest bed pardners. But he was a cat with 9 lives or so it seemed. He spent all his adult life playing all over the world, travelling like a transient gypsy to the next toilet, the next tour....the next dealer. He did try and make a life outside of rock'n'roll fathering a big family, and was a loving father. But everyone knew, including his children's mothers that it wouldn't be long before the stage lights drew him back on the road. For one thing this book is very good at, and that is portraying his day to day existence showing just how Mr Thunders survived time and time again, when most were predicting his premature demise as early as the 70's. Grim determination and the fact that he knew nothing else but playing his guitar assured his survival. It also sealed his fate since that first smak filled meeting with Mr Pop in the early 70's. From them on, he staggered onto the heroin tightrope of life or death for the rest of his 38 years. Nina Antonia got inside and up close in this book, which has some great moments and is riddled with images of JT in action, at home, or just completely out of it! Aided by a comprehensive discography. In Cold Blood is gritty, it's dirty and it's also a very honest biography of JT...."too fast to live too young to die!" ISBN 1901447154

Winter 2003 ****1/2
Maintaining the high quality presentation of this enthusiastic North West fanzine, that's rapidly becoming the best zine in the UK for all round punk appeal. Last issue sold out but for you slow fuckers there's a new print run if you wanna get hold of a copy. Pogo Till I Die! #6 however brings us a fucking multitude of punk rock names from all corners of the scene. Some of whom may not be to everyone's taste, but I'm sure there's a handful that'll suit even the most fussy reader. Front cover stars Vice Squad take the biscuit with a frank interview conducted inside a car. Co-writer John Winstanley was choking at the bit as Miss Bondage squeezed in next to him and dished out the dirt on promoters punctuated with a cackle. He managed to hold out long enough to deliver an interesting insight into Vice Squads current view on things. In contrast Miss Bondage is followed by Jarra's ex-skin outfit Crashed Out who tattooed their views onto 4 pages. Further afield Aussies Crucified Venus and the suited up Peacocks (currently in the running for worst band name of 2003) from Switzerland, give us a tepid international whirl. The wrinkly and well past their sell by date Dead Men Walking comprising of ex-punk stars...the Alarm (for fucks sake), let us snigger at their sad punk package currently doing the rounds in the UK. Meanwhile Blackburn's premier bullshitter and all round punk courtezan the tall story telling Alan Parker plugs his latest book. It's a 'song by song' on SLF's Jake Burns which should be worth a look for the first few albums at least. Staying in Lancashire local psycho's Hyperjax wave the rebel flag and there's a trip down memory lane via Zig Zag and Preston punk outfit the Worst. Some new outfits get a look in via Kid Conspiracy and Kinesis. Meanwhile a rare zine appearance from the snobby John Foxx (ex-Ultravox!) confirms the Chorley lad is definitely playing with a few notes missing. Belfast's gigging machine The Dangerfields supply some on the road ghost stories, while Welsh dragons Picture Frame Seduction threaten to invade the US after they've mopped up around Haverfordwest. Gig reviews covered the Mancs punks picnic, TV Smith, Pike, Killing Joke and Penetration, who also get a neat middle page photo spread. The record and zine reviews were minimal to say the least, but with the amount of bands covered in this issue, it didn't really matter. Comes in a classy full colour cover with pix to match. Well worth your dosh. £1.50 P.O. Box 514, Preston Central, PR2 9WY, UK.