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Bug Central
BUG CENTRAL 'Demo's' CD 2000 (promo for Money & Riots 7")
More from the angriest band in the land and I was led to believe these 4 latest demo tracks was gonna be a more mellower version concerning Mr Noodles acidic vocals. But I'm glad they ain't lost that pissed-off view. The songs on this are a touch slower but they more than make up for speed with power! I'm glad they have used a slightly different approach on this set coz it's makes em more diverse. So don't worry kids, the rage and venom is still here with bucket loads to spare. Bug Central are one of the few bands today who can write a page full of lyrics that don't bore the arse off ya. And I take my hat off to Roman Polanski...sorry Noodles Romanov for playing guitar, spitting the massive lyrics out and still ramming home the effect of anguished gleee! It takes yer back to the good old days of Crass and Mr Ignorants saliver soaked verbalisations. They get off the blocks with the anti- capitalist 'Money & Riots (That's Life)' with it's "From the wino's down at Old Street tube, whose streets are paved with cold concrete, To the homeless beggar that plagues your world, who's the shit beneath your well heeled shoe!" Followed by 'Smart Bombs For The Nation' which takes a sneering view at the cathode grey tube culture. They do a great version of Intensive Care's 'Bank Job', in fact it's my favourite track of this bunch plus an updated version of the heretical 'Halo Protector' from their recent LP. For demo's these seem like the real thing! Great production as well, which shows the punks are learning from their surroundings. WORTH A LISTEN