Original Fear bassist Derf Scratch became a big drinking buddy of the late Hollywood comedian/actor John Bellushi. An impressed Mr Bellushi seen em perform on the blueprint LA punk pic. 'Decline Of Western Civilisation' and got em a slot on prime time American TV show 'Saturday Night Live. This wasn't their only brush with the Hollywood set, coz both Lee Ving and Philo Kramer (guitarist) portrayed lowlifers in many movies including Flashdance and Mean streets. Tim got his Fear
emblazoned leather, complete with "I don't care about you...FUCK YOU!" (which gave him constant hassle over the years), signed by a very polite Lee Ving after the show...."We make them hate us so much they can't forget us!" - Lee Ving, April 1982
Fear/ UK Subs/ Beerzone/ Running Riot
The Cobalt Lounge, Portland, U$A.
Saturday October 7th, 2000
I was really leery about going to this show cause the promoter is such an asshole who generally fucks over, but I'm glad I changed my mind and went... First out the blocks was Running Riot from Ireland. First time in Portland and hopefully not their last. Catchy as hell Oirish sing-a-long songs that got everybody revved up and ready for the headliners. Talked to the guys a bit after their set and was damn glad I did 'cause they were good people. I would definitely check 'em out if you haven't already. Next was
Beerzone. I liked these guys from the start (I was on their guestlist. hehehe!), l got smacked in the face with more great punk rock. They got the crowd moving even more and the bouncers started to get a little nervous...much to everyone's delight.
Actually both of the openers surprised me. I'm not always into Oi! and the Brit hardcore sound, but both bands sold me completely.
The UK Subs followed with the best set they've played in Portland in years. People were literally bouncing off the walls, jumping off the tables, off the was great. Charlie and the gang played everything. They started with 'C.I.D.' and finished with
'Warhead' with about 25 or songs in between. At some point in the evening, Alvin tried to cut one of his fingers off, but like a trooper kept playing. By the end of the set, his bass strings were covered in blood, and couldn't have been happier.
But the night belonged to Fear. Don't get me wrng, the Subs are a great fuckin' band. One of the best ever, but I'm a Yank so of course I'm biased! Fear showed again why, in my opinion, they're one of the best punk bands ever. And Lee Ving, as old as he is, (still a lot younger than Chas, no doubt! - Don't Care) is still one of the baddest motherfuckers on the planet. I think they played every song off the first record, 85% of the second record, and a whole load of shit off their new record, which I suggest you go buy! 20 years later and the songs are still filled with just as much venom, just as much sarcasm as the day they were written. The crowd was wound up before, but they took it to a whole new level. And it was obvious that the band(s) appreciated it.
By this time the crowd was completely intoxicated, and totally out of control. No fights, no "punker than you" attitude, just a bar full of people forgetting for one night that the world sucks ass, and having a damn good time. My thanks to all four bands for putting on a great show and hopefully all will be back soon!
Tim Trouble (Statch And The Rapes)