DK Kennedys backstage at Pierpoint!This Friday just gone, Brandon Cruz actor and child star of LA punks Dr Know was role-playing again, taking the stage with the three remaining grown up members of Dead Kennedys. The toothless kid was more than eager to jump into the estranged winkle pickers of Jello Biafra for a box of Dime bars. Mr Biafra the former Dead Kennedys lead singer and antagonist depending where you stand was otherwise detained with some legal battle involving royalities. So not quite an actual DKs show -- that's the one rock 'n' roll reunion we won't be seeing in this lifetime -- the show was billed as as DK Kennedys, ill give you three guesses what DK stands for and it ain't Dumb Kid! This gig was all in aid of the latest record release party for a new live-from-the-archives Kennedys CD, the aptly titled "Mutiny on the Bay." Nihilism flew Cyco Logic all the way from his Pinterland hideaway in the Canadian rockies to witness the candy and tantrums for Nihilism on The Prowl!'s his view on the proceedings.

DK Kennedys / Polkacide / Strychnine/ East Bay Chasers
Pound-SF, Pier 96, San Francisco. 26/10/01
Well I did end up going to the Dead Kennedy's show in S.F. tonight and ya' know, Brandon Cruz from DR. KNOW did a fine job at vocals, the show wasn't spectacular or anything or was it that packed or crazy. But it wasn't bad. I honestly think the highlight of the show was when Sammy from FANG came out and sang "Holiday in Cambodia" at the end.... at least he did sing on and fall into the crowd which is one thing Brandon didn't do that Jello would do, but Brandon wasn't trying to be a "Jello imposter" at all, he just got asked to sing and had a very similar voice and did a good job. When I did first get to the door, the promoter told me "I heard you or someone from Oppressed Logic sent a email stating to boycott the show".... I told her "yeah, I forwarded a anti-DK email from L.A. that someone else wrote, but I didn't write it!" She did get me in the show for free, since UXA had my name WRONG on thier list, oh well. I went to the show late so I missed all the bands except for Polkacide (who where a bunch of hippies) anyway.... who cares, old D.K. members looked like they were having fun!!!
Fuck what you heard!!!
Mike Oppressed Logic